The Book

"Read Julia Hobsbawn’s THE NOWHERE OFFICE, her masterful analysis of the reinvention of work in a post-office world."

Andrew Keen, Keen on Podcast

"Julia Hobsbawm's book The Nowhere Office brilliantly captures the zeitgeist issue of our times - how and where we work"

Ayesha Hazarika, journalist and broadcaster, Times Radio

"Every manager or leader who is wondering what to do next about their offices and people needs to read The Nowhere Office"

Ben Page, Global CEO of Ipsos

"We need big bold thinkers like Julia Hobsbawm right now more than ever"

Polly Mackenzie, Chief Executive, Demos

"Where else are you going to find such enlightening insights into the future of work?"

James Bell, VP, Pew Research Centre

"Her thinking demands and inspires huge change"

Good Business

"Masterfully even-handed and sensible appraisal of the future of work was a priceless injection of nuanced thinking."

Rory Sutherland vice-chair, Ogilvy and Spectator

"A masterwork. It describes the changing patterns of work and our ambivalence about losing so many of the old certainties whilst trying to embrace change. important and enduring."

William Eccleshare, Chairman and CEO, Clear Channel

"Working or not working defines who we are. Julia Hobsbawm’s The Nowhere Office is an important book. If you are one of the millions who can’t decide whether working-from-home is a pandemic silver lining or just another disaster, this book is for you."

Robert Peston, ITV Political Editor, broadcaster and writer